"We provide a Small Private tour (2 person minumum) for our guests by appointment or group sizes with no more than (6) riders. This allows us to provide a more personal and flexible bike tour without the crowd. Our tours are of easy to moderate in difficultly with some walking and hiking. The tour can be modified for those that want a bit more of a challenge." 
Free shuttle from the Strip
Bottled Water
Healthy Energy Snacks
Bicycle Helmet
Knowledgeable Guide
Unlimited Fun

How we Run our BicycleTours:

What do I need to bring?
What's included in our BicycleTours:
A Great Attitude!
Cycling Shorts/Pants
Cycling/Hiking Shoes
Cycling Gloves
Light Jacket (Winter)
Camelback (Optional)    
Camera (required!!)
Small Day Pack (Optional)
SPD Pedals (Optional)
Money/Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
Contact: Steven C Jojola

Phone: 702-421-7178 (leave message) or
make a reservation (see link above)

Email: info_2@singletracktous.com
Lake Mead Railroad Tunnel Trail Stairs To the Hoover Dam By-Pass Bridge
You should be very comfortable riding and shifting a bike. You should be comfortable riding loose gravel and dirt. You should be able to handle a light cardio workout for 1-2 hrs. 
You will have to climb 6 flight of stairs at the bridge and hike 4 paved switch backs at the dam. Someone in decent shape will be challenged. But the tour can be modified to make it less physical for those that just want a casual mountain bike ride. 

What Skill and Fitness Level
Should I be at?

Hoover Dam Switch Back Walkways
The Bike Trail
Hiking the Dam Site
Hiking the Bridge Site

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